If you are the owner of a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig or any other animal, you will know that regular visits to the vet are absolutely necessary. All animals are susceptible to disease and small ones are no exception. Make sure your guinea pig visits a vet on a regular basis at least once a year to ensure that he is in good health.

cobayas domesticas

Visits to vet:

Even if your guinea pig appears to be in perfect health, it is absolutely necessary that you take her to a vet for standard health check-ups (at least once a year). Guinea pigs are different from cats and dogs, we recommend that you see an exotics vet who is experienced in dealing with these animals.

What can you expect at vet visit?

During the visit or review, the vet will treat a series of aspects to ensure the good health of your pet:

  • Checking eyes and ears with a light.
  • Auscultation of heart and lungs with a stethoscope to detect pathologies.
  • Abdominal palpation to palpate the stomach and other organs.
  • Examination of the skin and hair to detect parasites or other pathologies.
  • Review of teeth, incisors and molars with the help of an otoscope.
  • Review of legs and nails.

cobayas domesticas

Symptoms of illness:

If your guinea pig is in perfect health, you should see that it has shiny hair, wide eyes, and an alert demeanor. You have to see that he eats regularly and the poops are formed and in large quantities. Otherwise, if you notice that your guinea pig is listless, does not move too much, has a runny nose or labored breathing, eyes half closed, does not eat with enthusiasm or you do not observe poop; you should seek an exotic animal vet urgently. These are animals that mask the symptoms a lot so that at the slightest of noticing any it would be advisable to visit them.

How much will it cost?

The fact of having and caring for a guinea pig is obviously not free. It should be borne in mind that apart from the food  also must be included in the costs the health check-ups at least once a year. Guinea pigs should not be vaccinated but they need to visit the vet. It should also be taken into account that if emergency visits or specific treatments are necessary, the cost will rise, but the veterinarian will always inform the cost before doing anything.

Remember, having an animal implies taking care of its health and providing it with everything necessary so that it can live well, before buying an animal keep this in mind.

We hope this information had been useful to you and for anything, do not hesitate to contact us at 972239003.

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